• Lowers Heating & Cooling Costs

  • Low VOC

  • Easy to Use

  • Reduces HVAC Operation Time

  • Proven Performance

  • Long Service Life

Developed in Conjunction with NASA

The foundation of Insuladd’s technology was created in 1996 through the research conducted by NASA’s technology exchange program. This innovative technology was used to dissipate heat from the NASA Space Shuttle and other space vehicles upon re-entry into the atmosphere. Reflecting heat from the surface of these vehicles was the purpose of its creation and now this heat reflecting technology is finally available for residential, commercial and industrial  use.

Superior Heat Rejection

This specially formulated product reflects heat from your home during the harsh summer months, but also keeps your home-generated heat inside during the cold winter months. Insuladd® Energy Saving Paint Additive can be used to coat and insulate the interior and exterior of a home in order to maximize its protection and lower your energy costs.

Our product has been scientifically proven to decrease heat intake and lessen the amount of heat loss, even reducing heat gain by as much as 40 percent.

"The first time I encountered Insuladd was at the space center in Florida. The man demonstrating the product placed his hand in the pail and then put a blowtorch on his hand.  After the demonstration I asked him what it was used for and where could I get it..  He  explained that Insuladd is a powder form of the space shuttle tile."


We had purchased another house and were in the process of selling this Insuladd painted house when lighting struck a tree near the underground telephone wires and had vaporized the wire all the way into the middle of the house.  It should have started the house on fire, but only left a very small scorch on the outside of the house where the wires entered the wall.


Our current house has 4,200 square feet of living space.  It is a brick home and I painted the inside of this house with the Insuladd.  The gas meter reader and I were talking several months after we moved into the house and he said he had a horrible time with our use of gas.  His equipment said we should be using more gas for the size of our home.  I explained the painting with Insuladd and he now understood.   Following is the breakdown of our month gas bill.

              Automatic Bank Transfer per month.  $78.16

              minus Service Guard on our appliances $26.16

              minus Customer charge (just for doing business with Black Hills Energy) $18.25

              minus state, local, county taxes $1.71

              GAS BILL PER MONTH YEAR ROUND $32.84 X 12 = $384.48 PER YEAR!!!!

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Larry and Carolyn 
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