Climatic Test Branch of the U.S. Missile Command

Pratt & Whitney Aerospace

The U.S. Navy

The U.S. Coast Guard

Arizona Bridge to Independent Living US

Bharti Telenet Limited, Indore, India (Touchtel)

Candica FZE, Fujairah, UAE

Contained Solutions Ltd, U.K

Conrad Centennial, Singapore

Department of Defense South Korea

Ford Motors, U.S.A

Hyundai Construction, Korea (Applied on Apartments for Military Personnel)

Honda Service Station, Dubai, UAE

Sharjah Institute of Technology, Sharjah, UAE

India River Citrus Warehouse, U.S.A (Area 5000m 2 )

Japanese National Railroad Municipal Government of Tokyo, Japan

Japan Agricultural Association

Linde Gas Pte Ltd, Singapore

Korea National Housing Corporation, Korea

Korea Institute of Construction

Kuwaiti British Ready Mix Co, Kuwait – Ready Mix Vehicles

Mirak Cold Storage Co Ltd, South Korea

National Museum of Korea

Piper Aircraft, U.S.A

PolyN Plastics Company, United Kingdom

Pratt and Whitney Aerospace Propulsion Laboratories, U.S.A

Seoul Museum of Art Construction Works, Korea

Swift Freight, Jebel Ali, UAE

The Ritz Carlton Millenia, Singapore

The Chinese National Housing Authority

US Department of Defense RTP #52802726

Le Canonnier Hotel, Mauritius

Le Mauricia, Mauritius

Shandrani Hotel, Mauritius rooms

Bahrain Royal Flight, Bahrain

Sugar Beach Resort, Mauritius

Rashid Hospital, Dubai 33,000 sq mtr

Abadan Oil Refinery, Iran

Sharjah Islamic Bank, Sharjah

Pacific Controls, Dubai

Bugbee General Contractors; Custom Homes

Desert Oak Homes; Custom Homes and Semi Custom Production Homes

Palm Canyon Development; Custom Homes

Frazee Paint and Walll Coverings; Paint Distributor, numerous clients

Vista Paint; Paint Distributor, numerous clients

Las Vegas Ice Center; Ice skating complex

Cox Communications

Nevada Department of Energy 300 buildings

1,000s of warehouse owners, petrochemical tank facilities, and refrigerated truck fleets have proven its value in helping to create more energy efficient warehouses and other buildings under the most intense conditions.

Homeowners and building contractors have proven Energy-Saving Insulating Paint Additive is highly effective insulating paint and it is simple to use.

Lockheed Martin Corporation uses this product for use on the F-22 Raptor. The designers of the high-tech fighter jet used the Energy-Saving Insulating Paint on the outside of an electrical switch box that was overheating due to outside heat source.

A U.S. Navy Arctic Research Vessel

Hyundai Corporation ship building division uses the Energy-Saving Insulating Paint Additive on its ships.


Insuladd gets the Mercy Ships seal of approval!

Purina Feeds uses the Energy-Saving Insulating Paint Additive to paint feed storage silos to help prevent feed spoilage.

The Poultry Industry uses the Energy-Saving Insulating Paint Additive to reduce the summer heat and winter cold effects on the climate of hatcheries.


Samsung uses the ceramic paint additive on military vehicles

World Wide References

After we applied Insuladd on the walls of our Humongous  Supermarket, we did turn off four (4) air conditioners (A/C) units. They were not longer necessary to maintain the cool temperature. This represents a monthly saving of approximately five thousand ($5,000.00) dollars on our electric bill.

Santos Alonso, Jr.


Mr. Special Supermarkets