Insuladd® is an additive used to mix in your
paint which acts as a heat and radiant 
barrier. It is made up of a unique blend of 
ceramic microspheres designed to reduce
heat absorption and heat loss. It is most
effective when used on both the inside and
outside of the structure. Use two coats of
paint with Insuladd® Additive so that when the
paint dries it will completely cover the surface.

Reducing energy costs doesn’t have to be
a costly project. It can be as simple as painting
your walls and ceilings. You can finally keep the
heat out during the hot summer months and
your heat in during the cold months, all while
lowering your energy costs and providing a
more comfortable environment.

How It Works

As a result of testing your product myself, I can approach my customers with great confidence. I am sure that our customers are going to very much appreciate the results of using this material – a great money saver in these energy costly times.

Ron Garvin
The Tool & Equipment Company

Insuladd is a radiant heat barrier which  reflects the heat back to it source - in winter prevents heat loss - in summer prevents heat gain.

 Hot objects cool down because their heat is flowing into the cooler objects around them. 


Warmer Temperatures (Heat)
Always  Flows to 
 Cooler Temperatures (Cold)