Environmentally Friendly

Helping the environment starts with everybody focusing on their individual carbon footprint. Everyone consumes energy. Some do so at an alarming rate, while others try to use as little as possible.

Using Insuladd Paint Additive is a great way to start becoming more environmentally responsible. Homeowners can reduce their energy output by as much as 20 percent. This innovative paint additive reflects the heat in order to save energy and acts as a radiant barrier.

Insuladd Paint Additive is non-toxic, is low VOC and is easy to use. Taking the time to paint your home with Insuladd products is a big step toward making your home more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Being in the ice cream business with distribution to over 12,000 customers, it is vital that the integrity of the product is maintained and upheld throughout the cold supply chain.  With the application of the Insuladd thermal coating, we were able to see immediate positive results.  With the application to our reefer trucks we realize approx a 50% savings in fuel to run the thermo unit within our parameters giving us a ROI within the first year.  We decided to apply the Insuladd thermal coating to our cold storage facility in San Antonio resulting in an immediate energy cost savings of 24% which flows directly to our bottom line.



Daniel Mignault

Director of Operations

Yumi Ice Cream Company, Inc.