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At Insuladd, we care about our partnerships with clients like Mercy Ships. Mercy Ships was able to test our product and saw a marked improvement (as advertised) on the difference our insulating paint additive made. Thank you to Mercy Ships for testing our product and sending us an email explain how much of a difference it made!

Read the email below:

Secondly, it gets the sun first while the deck container is in the shadow of the mast in the morning and only gets the sun in the afternoon while the paint container gets the sun both the morning and the afternoon because of the angle that the sun goes over the ship.
Despite that I was amazed at the difference before and after. I was expecting a 1 or 2 degree difference, which when you times that over the whole ship would still be good. But we got a difference of 5.6 degrees from the average max outside temperature to the average max temperature inside the paint container. Before the paint was applied the average difference was 9.95 degrees. A full 4.35 degrees cooler!


We have mixed the additive with 501 (the paint we use on the deck) and 571 (the paint we use on the hull) and it mixes fine. When you look at it close up it doesn’t leave as smooth a finish as without it but that is actually a benefit on the deck as it makes it less slippery. What I propose is not to only add it to the deck paint but to add it to the paint on the hull as well. I believe this will go a long way in keeping us cooler, and save money.

“We need to make a paint order soon so that we can have it ready for the next field service. I will need to have a final decision on color for deck 8. Since the additive seems to do what it advertises, (NASA was right!). I don’t think we need to change any of the deck to gray at all. My personal preference is to just keep it all green. I’d like to get the order done by the end of this week, so a decision before that would be great.

Enjoy looking a the data. I enjoyed putting it together.

Charles Davies
New Officer, Africa Mercy (Conakry, Guinea)

Hi everyone,

Attached please find the results from the thermal paint test. When you look at the numbers the paint container is obviously warmer than the deck container. This is caused by 2 factors. First of all the paint container was emptied for getting ready for Tom to put in the new natural ventilation system. Which means it didn’t have a hundred paint cans worth of latent heat keeping it from heating up as fast, whereas the deck container was full of gear.