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Developed in Conjunction with NASA

The foundation of Insuladd’s technology was created in 1996 through the research conducted by NASA’s technology exchange program. This innovative technology was used to dissipate heat from the NASA Space Shuttle and other space vehicles upon re-entry into the atmosphere. Reflecting heat from the surface of these vehicles was the purpose of its creation and now this heat reflecting technology is finally available for residential, commercial and industrial  use.

Nevada Department of Energy 300 buildings

Bugbee General Contractors; Custom Homes

Arizona Bridge to Independent Living:

Home Modifications for Persons with Disabilities

My name is Jon DeWinter. I am the home modification coordinator for the cities of Glendale and Peoria, Arizona. This program is through Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) from these cities and administrated by ABIL. We have a monthly newsletter that we put out to our consumers called the Bridge. The following is the article that was written about your INSULADD.

Thanks to a paint additive (INSULADD®) discovered by ABIL’s Glendale Home Mod Coordinator Jon DeWinter, (on the internet), a consumer will be enjoying much cooler temperatures this summer. The consumer had bought a mobile home that had an addition built on the side that was made into a living room. The roof of this addition was just an aluminum awning with no insulation. Last year, due to the radiant heat from the awning, the temperature inside the home would reach 110 degrees and the temperature in the addition would reach 130 degrees.

The paint additive, with a two-coat application, insulates the awning to an R-22 rating. The home modification project proved very successful in that soon after the coating, when the outside temperature was 86 the inside temperature was 70. The project was completed in coordination with ABIL, Glendale’s Community Volunteer Program and “Christmas in April. ABIL’S Jon DeWinter, found the additive, “Christmas in April” bought the additive and supplied the paint, and Glendale’s Volunteer Program supplied the labor through the Probation office.

A more recent check on the home found that when the outside temperature hit 110, the home inside stayed around 85 degrees. We are sure that this process will make it more livable for the consumer this summer. COOL!

After this article appeared, I have had four calls on your additive. I have referred them to your web site. I hope that is ok. If you have any questions about our organization you can call me at (602) 296-0537 or e-mail me at

Thank you for your wonderful product. When I build myself another home I am definitely going to use your INSULADD®!

Thanks again

Jon DeWinter

Yumi Ice Cream Company: Refrigerated Trucks

Being in the ice cream business with distribution to over 12,000 customers, it is vital that the integrity of the product is maintained and upheld throughout the cold supply chain.  With the application of the Insuladd thermal coating, we were able to see immediate positive results.  With the application to our reefer trucks we realize approx a 50% savings in fuel to run the thermo unit within our parameters giving us a ROI within the first year.  We decided to apply the Insuladd thermal coating to our cold storage facility in San Antonio resulting in an immediate energy cost savings of 24% which flows directly to our bottom line.

Daniel Mignault
Director of Operations
Yumi Ice Cream Company, Inc.

Our company has ordered and tested your Insuladd with our electrostatic equipment with great results.

Jack Fife
Venger Painting

After we applied Insuladd on the walls of our Humongous  Supermarket, we did turn off four (4) air conditioners (A/C) units. They were not longer necessary to maintain the cool temperature. This represents a monthly saving of approximately five thousand ($5,000.00) dollars on our electric bill.

Santos Alonso, Jr. CPM, FSM
Mr. Special Supermarkets