The first time i encountered Insuladd was at the space center in Florida.  The man demonstrating the product placed his hand in the pail and then put a blowtorch on his hand.  After the demonstration I asked him what it was used for and where could i get it.

He said it was mixed with paint and two (2) coats would insulate at R19 value.  He also explained that Insuladd is a powder form of the space shuttle tile.

I purchased the product from a business in Florida and painted the outside of our house in Iowa.  It was extremely hot that month and our air conditioner ran continually.  I only had the west side of the house to paint and decided i would paint even with the sun shining on that side.  As soon as i had finished painting my wife informed me i needed to call for repairs on the air as it had stopped.  NOTHING was wrong with the air - Insuladd had reflected the heat away from the house.

We had purchased another house and were in the process of selling this Insuladd painted house when lighting struck a tree near the underground telephone wires and had vaporized the wire all the way into the middle of the house.  It should have started the house on fire, but only left a very small scorch on the outside of the house where the wires entered the wall.


Our current house has 4,200 square feet of living space.  It is a brick home and I painted the inside of this house with the Insuladd.  The gas meter reader and I were talking several months after we movrd into the house and he said he had a horrible time with our use of gas.  His equipment said we should be using more gas for the size of our home.  I explained the painting with Insuladd and he now understood.


Following is the breakdown of our month gas bill.

              Automatic Bank Transfer per month.  $78.16

              minus Service Guard on our appliances $26.16

              minus Customer charge (just for doing business with Black Hills Energy) $18.25

              minus state, local, county taxes $1.71

              GAS BILL PER MONTH YEAR ROUND $32.84 X 12 = $384.48 PER YEAR!!!!

              Black Hills Energy

              PO Box 6001

              Rapid City SD 57709-6001

              My account # for Black Hill Energy is available upon request

Larry and Carolyn 
LaPorte City, IA

We received our Insuladd in the mail today. My wife learned about your product on a T.V. fix-It show several years ago. We used it when we repainted the exterior of our home. We live in the desert, so our temperatures range from the teens to one hundred plus degrees. The results were immediate and continued year round. Both heating and cooling became more efficient and effective. I have recommended InsulAdd to friends and all who have used it were more than happy with the results. Actually, I can’t understand why it isn’t part of the building codes for new construction. We plan to paint the interior south facing wall and look forward to even more savings. This is the easy and inexpensive way to increase the “R” rating of any building.

Fred Alexander

A satisfied customer

I am much excited from your products
I am sure that will be a great success to your products in our country… I want to demonstrate the products to the architects, contractors, and of course exhibitions of construction.
Eli Alaluf

Just wanted to let you know that your products are what you say they are… but I am impressed and cannot wait to finish painting.
Linda Arnold
A satisfied customer

We would like to thank Insuladd for their support of our efforts to educate our community on energy conservation. We loved using the Insuladd demo and talking to people about this amazing product!! This is another simple way that people can make a positive impact in the energy use of their own home.
HomeWood CF-Als, FLL

I Love the product… The reduction in spring cold & summer heat was noticable.
Lori K.
A satisfied customer

I had the entire exterior of my two-story house in the San Francisco Bay Area painted with two coats of Insuladd-added-paint. The following month I noticed a significant reduction in my PG&E bill. I am delighted with Insuladd and will be using it the next time we have my rental units painted. I am also encouraging my senior citizen clients to use Insuladd for the obvious savings it provides. You folks have a wonderful product!
Joanne L Gardiner
A satisfied customer

I am now mid-way through the first very hot summer after I applied Insuladd. Now the room is wonderfully usable and frankly is a good advertisement for your product it having done even more than I expected. Thanks for your web site which initially led me to your product. I am a very very satisfied customer.
Rachel Krug
A satisfied customer

As a result of testing your product myself, I can approach my customers with great confidence. I am sure that our customers are going to very much appreciate the results of using this material – a great money saver in these energy costly times.

Ron Garvin
The Tool & Equipment Company

Our company has ordered and tested your Insuladd with our electrostatic equipment with great results.
Jack Fife
Venger Painting


 I love your product! I am so glad I found that I could purchase just this product rather than a premixed product.
Jenne Helm
A satisfied customer


Thanks to a paint additive (INSULADD®)… a consumer will be enjoying much cooler temperatures this summer… Thank you for your wonderful product. When I build myself another home I am definitely going to use your INSULADD®!
Jon DeWinter

Home Modification Coordinator for the cities of Glendale and Peoria, Arizona


After we applied Insuladd on the walls of our Humongous  Supermarket, we did turn off four (4) air conditioners (A/C) units. They were not longer necessary to maintain the cool temperature. This represents a monthly saving of approximately five thousand ($5,000.00) dollars on our electric bill.
Santos Alonso, Jr. CPM, FSM

Mr. Special Supermarkets

It’s been two months since the apartment was insulated with the insuladd, from the day the insuladd was applied there has been no condensation or mold, It’s been six weeks since I used the inhaler, my doctor has informed me that I am back to full health.
Vanessa Carlow
A satisfied customer

We painted the Master bedroom, as it had not been painted since purchasing the property, we noticed an immediate change in temperature and warmth in the room… we are very pleased with the results and highly recommend Insuladd for any areas that are too hot or cold, and to save energy in general.
A satisfied customer

The room is totally transformed into a normal warm room. It holds the heat in and is even in temperature. We are very pleased.
K. Davis
A satisfied customer

We are very encouraged by this and will be decorating the rest of the house over the next 12 months. We will be back in touch for some more Insuladd.
Mrs. H
A satisfied customer

I just got done painting the exterior facing walls in my living room and spare bedroom. I saw a 5 degree drop in temp WHILE I WAS PAINTING! The paint was room temp, around 79 degrees. Amazing stuff and not expensive for the savings I will see. Very good product! I’m buying another gallon of paint to do my bedroom this weekend.
L. Phillips
A satisfied customer

Being in the ice cream business with distribution to over 12,000 customers, it is vital that the integrity of the product is maintained and upheld throughout the cold supply chain.  With the application of the Insuladd thermal coating, we were able to see immediate positive results.  With the application to our reefer trucks we realize approx a 50% savings in fuel to run the thermo unit within our parameters giving us a ROI within the first year.  We decided to apply the Insuladd thermal coating to our cold storage facility in San Antonio resulting in an immediate energy cost savings of 24% which flows directly to our bottom line.
Daniel Mignault
Director of Operations
Yumi Ice Cream Company, Inc.

I strongly recommend the use of Insuladd for anyone who wants to maintain a comfortable home and who desires to reduce their energy expenses!
Linda Bell
A satisfied customer



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